Thursday, December 11, 2008


As you may have noticed, Jay and I are really slacking on the blog-posting front. I think facebook has monopolized my computer use lately, so there hasn't been much blog action. Between that and our new wii, blogging just isn't a priority. In short, things here at the Curley house are going well. I have a new found interest in holiday decorating, which Jay is not too thrilled about. We cut down a tree last weekend and even put some lights on a tree in the front yard, which look awesome. Winter has finally arrived here, and it is a bit of a mixed bag this year. Neither of us have really cheap passes to the mountain (as we've had for the past few years), so it's kind of been a tough transition, but we're working through it and trying to get to the mountain soon enough. Otherwise, we are looking forward to holiday visitors and celebrating Isabel's first birthday. Hopefully we'll get back on the blogging train on a more consistent basis soon.


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kimberly said...

what a good looking tree! nice pick you guys! xo